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Welcome to Antalya

Antalya was first name Attaleia or Attalia or Adalia which means “heaven on earth”, Antaya returns to the roman republic where a roman king named Pergamon Attalus was searching for the most beautiful place on earth.

Where is Antalya: Antalya is Turkish city located on the Mediterranean coast on the southwest side of Turkey, this city is surrounded by mountains and shores.

Antalya is one of the biggest international sea resorts, it was discovered and built in 133BC, and year after year, Antalya is developed and is rebuilt and developed and flourished to be one of the most beautiful and the most popular cities that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.

Old Harbor Antalya

Old Harbor Antalya or Old Roman Antalya is a small bay surrounded by mountains, this harbor uses now as a marina for yachts and small boats, and around this harbor there are shops, cafes, restaurants, also there are tea gardens where you can have a wonderful view of the harbor.

This harbor is on Kaleici slope, and this place has a great important for Antalya from the second century BC to this century we live.

Hadrian gate

This gate is a very beautiful and famous tourist attraction in Antalya, this gate was built in 130 AD as a gift for the roman emperor Hadrain for his visit to Antalya, this gate is a main gate in Kaleici or old town.

The gate height is about 8 meters and consists of three arches.

Antalya beach

Antalya has the most gorgeous beaches where many beaches have been awarded the “Blue Flag”, and this certification is given to the best beaches in the world.

Konyaalti beach is the most famous and the most important beach in Antalya where is located on the southern coast of Antalya.

konyaalti beach is an attractive beach for tourists, the beach stretches 7 km long, the beach provides many special activities like paragliding and yacht and boat tours, also tourists can swim in warm water and relax on the beach.

Duden waterfalls

Duden falls are 10 km away from the center of the city, duden falls consist of two waterfalls, the upper Duden falls are located in the north east, and the lower Duden falls are located in the southeastern side and the then ends in the Mediterranean sea on the height of 40 meters.

There are many visitors of Duden falls especially in summer, you can get many views of Duden falls, in the sea you can watch the falls through ships or through the sidewalk that make especially for visitors.

Visitors can taking photos, enjoying watching stunning nature, or relaxing, and remembering these wonderful memories.

Antalya city center

Antalya has different hotels that suit all tourists, as there are many local markets that combine between old Turkish culture with all aspects of modernity , and also there are many cafes, restaurants, and parks introduced a great view on the sea.

Antalya city center is one of the known places in Antalya where kaleici and old harbor are near.

Antalya saat kulesi ( clock tower)

Clock tower is one of the oldest and the most famous monuments in Antalya where it was built in the ottoman era, clock tower is located on the old town in Antalya, around clock tower there are many important roman, byzantine, and ottoman buildings and monuments, and also there are cafes, restaurants, and markets around, and every day thousands of tourists visit clock tower.

Seleklar park

This park is located in the city center near the old town, this park provides a stunning view on Taurus mountain, Antalya marina, and Konyaalti beach, so you can enjoy watching nature, stunning view of the sea, tops of the mountain, and special ancient houses.

This park is suitable for who want to spend wonderful time in the gorgeous nature, and both local people and tourists visit this park where beautiful green spaces and seats are available.