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Welcome to Trabzon

Trabzon attracts many tourists that’s for its magnificent nature, distinguished tourists attractions, and its majestic heritage, Trabzon is located on the black sea coast of northeastern Turkey, and it has a lot of attractions that you will enjoy visiting.

Uzungol Lake

Uzungol lake is one of the most charming and beautiful places, it is the longest lake in Turkey where trees, dense forests, and all natural beauty aspects you will watch there.

Karaca Cave

This cave is 90 km away from Trabzon, and it is located on a mountain village, you can climb up and down the mountain and enjoy fresh air, there are huge dripstone formed by water.

Hamsikoy village

This place has a beautiful climate and glamorous nature where you can watch different types of flowers and distinctive herbs, you can watch green pastures and get a wonderful experience, also you can taste the special milk from this pastures which distinguished by its delicious unique taste.

Sumela Monastery

Sumela monastery is one of the most attractive places in Trabzon, this monastery was built in 14 century on Sumela mountain, this monastery is located on cliff on a dense forest, and who want to climb this cliff will watch a stunning view.

Trabzon Museum

This museum was opened in 2001, it is suitable for museums lovers which shows masterpieces and antiques from Byzantine era, also it shows special ethnographic exhibits.

Cal Magarasi (Cal Cave)

Cal Cave is located in Cal village in Trabzon province, and it is the second longest cave in the world which extends between the mountains, there in Cal Cave ponds and valleys and places for ups and downs.


You cannot visit Trabzon and do not watch the stunning beauty of Uzungol, Uzungol is located on the southeast of Trabzon on the black sea coast, Uzungol means the long lake and it is a natural reserve where unique plants, trees, flowers, rare animals, and there are cold water salmon in the rivers in Uzungol, and we will shows the best places in Uzungol you can enjoy visiting them.

Pine lake

It is one of the most famous places Uzungol, and this lake attracts many visitors who come to enjoy watching the outstanding beauty of the lake, you can enjoy fresh air, swimming in the lake, camping on the banks or rent a boat.

Sekersu Yaylasi

One of the most important places in Turkey, its length is between 2500 to 3100 meters above the ground, you can watch snow on the top of the mountain even in summer, you can reach Sekersu mountain by car where you can enjoy watching the best landscapes of forests and snow.

Caykara village

Caykara village is suitable for tea lovers where they can enjoy tasting different types of tea around green nature and fresh air.

Uzungol mosque

This mosque is a very famous mosque where it has a famous picture on Uzungol lake, it has a unique architecture, you can visit it for praying and enjoying charming nature.

Uzungol cuisine

This place is suitable for who want to try the traditional food of the uzungol people, this place is like a big oven where the women of the village gather to bake delicious baked goods, you can buy and taste what you want and you can mingle with the village people and you will discover that they are very kind and generous.

Sultan Murat Yaylasi

For adventure, sport, and nature lovers, they have to visit Sultan Murat mountain where they can climbing, enjoying charming nature and taking pictures of it for memories, the mountain is 35 km away from Uzungol village.