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Welcome to Yalova

One of the most famous Turkish cities although it is small city, and this small city is one of the great aspects that helps Turkey to be one of the most famous tourism countries, it is Yalova.

Yalova is located on Marmara sea northwestern turkey, yalova distinguishes with fresh air, vast green spaces like vast forests and luxurious tourist resorts and also historical monuments like castles and palaces from thousands years.

Mineral baths are one of the most important fame aspects, it is a wonderful place of relaxation, also yalova have gorgeous beaches on Marmara sea, its turquoise cold water that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Yalova is far from Istanbul less an hour, the life is so quiet there and healthy, and there are pedestrians places, transportations for old people and special needs.

Tourist places in Yalova

Lake Abant

Abant Lake is 2 hours from Ankara and 5 hours from Bursa the road needs long time but you will enjoy watching pine trees, spruce trees along the road.

This lake is fame with abant trout fish which fed by rain water in addition to water springs.

On the edge of the lake, there are restaurants and hotels and you can practice many sporty activities like horse riding, cycling, and watching surrounding waterfalls.

Armutlu province on Yalova

Armutlu province is about 55 km far from Yalova, it contains one of the most beautiful tourist villages in Yalova.

It distinguishes by its gorgeous beauty and comfort, and it is the first destination for tourists from inside Turkey and from outside.

Armutlu is suitable all over the year as it is famous for hot baths


5 km away from Yalova, in ciftlikkoy province there are number of historical monuments like historic church, that was built on 8th century, ask koprusu, and hot bath.

One of its distinctive mark is clove folwers, you will enjoy visiting ciftlikkoy, it is great place to visit in Yalova province.


Altilova is far from Yalova 27 km, it contains many water springs, streams, ornamental plants, and also historical monuments.

It provides an atmosphere of tranquility and you can swim or dive in one of the most beautiful diving areas in Yalova.

Termal province

Termal village is famous for its thermal hot baths at the top of Termal hill, the temperature of water of these baths are between 55 to 65 Celsius.

Hot springs in Yalova can cure diseases like rheumatism, heart disorders, skin diseases, and other diseases like women diseases, infertility, and urinary tract infection.

You can also visit hot springs to relax and tranquility, termal province is away from Yalova 12 km, and you can reach it by buses from city center.

Cinarcik resort

Cinarcik resort is the most famous resort in Marmara sea, it is famous because of its cleanliness, stunning forests, rocky hills and flowing water from it.

In addition to many historical places back to byzantine and ottoman era, the resort is open through the year, and attracts people from all over the world.