Condition of getting Turkish nationality for Arab investors

Getting Turkish nationality is an important things that ease reside in the Turkish lands and invest in it, and getting all rights that original Turkish citizen have, and this thing is important for who want to live, resident, and invest in Turkey, and Turkish nationality does not give randomly for foreigners but there are numbers of laws and regulations that must be available for the person who want to get Turkish nationality and in the following report we will identify all of them.


In order to get Turkish nationality you have to live in Turkish lands for at least five years, for resident people for study, this resident do not give them Turkish nationality, and you must remain all the five years without leaving Turkish lands, and if you leave the period must not exceed six month.

If one of the applying parties of Turkish nationality is married of Turkish citizen for at least three years,  and the marriage must be legal and real, because it must ensure the family stability for this family.

The person who has Turkish assets, such as if one of his parents is a Turkish citizen has the right of getting the Turkish nationality, and this person must have ottoman origins to be able to have the Turkish nationality.

Turkish nationality is also given for artists, businessmen, investors, creative persons, and everyone who contribute in industry, trade, art, and sport fields, in honor for his achievements on Turkish lands.

Conditions of getting  the citizenship

After all conditions that we discuss above, there are other conditions in the applicant himself to get the citizenship, and these conditions are as follows:

1- Complete the whole period which is five years residence on the Turkish lands.

2- his desire for continuously residence on Turkish lands

3- the applier must have good reputation and has no criminal record, and did not commit any riots inside the country.

4- must also having health certificate proved that he is physically well.

5- he must speak Turkish, but he is not supposed to perfect in speaking Turkish, but at least to understand others and deal with them with Turkish language.

6- to have job or profession or even income resource that provide him money to support his family, and not to be a burden of the state.

7- submit an application for getting Turkish nationality.

The application differs from residence people in Turkey from people who live outside Turkey:

Residence in Turkey

The application is submitted after completing all conditions, and  the competent committee study the application and ensure that it agree to all the conditions, and after that the application reach to minister council, and the minister council has the right to decide to give the applier the Turkish nationality or not.

Residence outside Turkey

The application is submitted in one of the Turkish embassies or consulates in the country where the applier lives, and the applier can abandon the original nationality for the Turkish nationality, and also this decision is for minister council.

This are the most important conditions that must be provided to get the Turkish nationality and enjoy all advantages like the Turkish citizens.

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