How to increase the value of your real estate investment

Every one search for opportunity for investment in real estate inside Turkish land or outside it, but there are people who buy real estate and neglect it, and after a long time the prices of real estates around it rise, and when the real estate owner rents or sells his estate, he will found the value of his real estate is lower than the other, and this is a result of his mistakes, because the aim of investment in real estate is to gain not to lose, follow us in the next report to know how to increase the value of your real estate.

New improvements in the property

Do not ever neglect to repair the damages in the property even the damages are simple, because neglecting repairing the damages will make it worse, and this simple problem will be bigger and bigger, so repair problems instantly and from the beginning.


Bay attention to special utilities with real estate, it is very important, especially kitchen and bathroom, it must take care of them because damages happens to them very easily, so try to change in special utilities if any defect happen to them as taps, trap spigot, and other things that may make damages for the property itself.

Walls and floors

Do not forget to make regular maintenance on walls and floors and do not keep it dirty because it affects on its colors in the end, because who will search for buying a property will search for real estate in a good condition, so if walls and floor are dirty, nobody will want to buy it.


Heating system in house helps to determine the value of the real estate unit, if your property has heating system inside in the winter, that  will make the price of the property increase, so you have to add heating system to your property  to be able to rent it or sell it with high price.


Bay attention to any contraventions and try always to pay taxes because if the property has a lot of contraventions no one want to buy the property after that, bay attention to this point.

Security and guarding

The property that has a whole security system has a higher price, every one now need to get real estate with good security system, so you have to add to your property doors, locks, and a good alarm system, and you can also agreed with other owners of real estate unit to provide gate keeper to the whole property, and this will rise the price of the property for sure.

This important information will sure help in increasing the real estate value of your property so you can benefit for it by renting or buying it for good price.

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