Identify the new conditions of Turkish citizenship

New cuts for Turkish citizenships requirements to attract more investors

Turkey is a powerful country in many fields like economic field, and in real estate in particular, there are many expectations that Turkey will be more powerful, richer , as Turkey is improving its rules and study it well to get many profits.

Getting Turkish citizenship enables foreigner to get many services that given to Turkish citizens, and in this article we will talk about Turkish nationality in details, its advantages, how to get it, the important conditions for the applicant, and the countries that foreigners can enter with Turkish passport.

As we will talk about laws and facilities that ease getting Turkish citizenship and invest in real estate sector in Turkey.

Advantages of living in Turkey

Every time Turkey ease procedures for Turkish residence, as it interests in giving foreigners the ability to talk and communicate in many languages like English, Arabic in various institutions, and it provides schools for foreigners so it ease the residence for them with keeping their identity and get freedom to speak with their native language.

Turkey interests a lot in infrastructure projects in all cities and invest in infrastructure projects in public and private sectors, so foreigners will find transportation, electricity, and many excellent services.

Turkey provides for immigrants, investors and travelers comfort life with excellent services

Turkey has almost 81 million population, and half population are youth under 32 years, and Turkey invests in youth and use them as great force, and this will open strong investments markets.

Turkey provides competitive investment conditions and it provides an equal treatment for all investors.

Turkey provides various environments, there are modern places like modern compounds, services, and excellent utilities, and it provides quiet places.

Turkey provides many facilities in many fields like tax reductions, the right of residence permit after owning a property.

Advantages of getting Turkish citizenship

Turkish passport is ranked 39th globally and it is scored 114 point in travel index without visa to many countries.
Having Turkish citizenship enables passport holder to travel to 70 country without visa including 8 European countries, 21 Asian countries, 11 countries in Africa, 26 countries in America, and 4 countries in Australia, as it is allowed to enter 42 countries and get the visa in the airport, there are 7 countries enable Turkish passport holder to get visa through internet.

Investment in Turkey

The first thing that investor get is short residence in Turkey and it can be renewed every time, and this short residence is for property owner.

Turkey is very interest in investing and developing in real estate sector, and it is very important for economic, as economic is connecting with other sectors, so when Turkey invest in this sector this will making economic growth for the whole country.

Turkey has changed proprieties laws for foreigners and has encouraged foreigners to invest in Turkey, so real estate sector is growing enormously.

Turkish citizenship new law

The state of Turkey has changed the conditions of getting Turkish citizenship for investors, one of these conditions is to purchase an immovable property of 250.000$ at least instead of the old law, where investor must purchase property with one million dollars to obtain the citizenship, Turkey tries to attract more investors, but property must not be sold for three years.

Other conditions for Turkish citizenship

There are other ways to obtain the citizenship through other changes:
Investor should have 500.000$ capital investment instead of 3 million dollars, investor can get the citizenship by 500.000 bank deposits.

And instead of employed 100 Turkish citizen, the number becomes 50 only.

Government movement after Turkish citizenship new law

Turkey has published the new law in the official gazette that every foreigner own a property of 250.000$ or more can apply for Turkish citizenship to obtain it.

Special offices will be opened to take foreigners orders, and these offices will be subjected to observation from more than one side like Environment and Urban development Ministry, Interior Affairs Ministry, Finance Ministry, Ministry of Labor Social Services and Family, Ministry of Industry and Technology to follow up and monitor applicants for Turkish citizenship.

Choosing real estates in Turkey

There are many factors affected by the prices of apartments in Turkey, there are apartments in the heart of the city, there are located on the sea shore, and these apartments are more expensive than the countryside apartments, also unities, vital projects, and malls around the property help to increase the price.

There are the condition of the building, its age, if the building is old, new, or under construction.

The size of the property is also change its price.

There are many changes in real estate sector, so investor should consults experts, know developments, latest laws, and to know all this he has to consult experts before buying, selling, or taking any decision.

And in Property Souq we can give the right advice in how to invest in Turkey, and how to get Turkish citizenship, we have efficient advisors in real estate sector to provide best services and help clients to invest in villas, apartments, shops and even lands.

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