Turkish real estate yields

Turkish real estate yields are one of the most important things that you should consider when you buy real estate units within luxury residential complex, it does not depend only on owning real estate unit, but there are many things that you have to commit it after finishing contract between you and the buyer, and if you do not have information about Turkish real estate yields, read this article to know about it in details.

Turkish real estate yields
It is amount of money paid monthly for housing services for real estate complex in addition to provide maintenance services that the property need continuously.

How to agree on real estate yields?
All residents of real estate units pay amount of money for in charge person who is responsible for providing services that the real estate need, the person in charge use this money for repairing, developing utilities of the resident complex in the property.

What is the utilities that real estate yields are paid for?
Mostly the paid amount of money from residents use in developing utilities of the real estate and in maintenance it, one of the important utilities that need repairing and maintenance are elevators , where money are collected for getting specialists in maintenance elevators continuously and ensure its validity.

It is probably that real estate yields are paid for keeping of and cleaning the property or maintenance swimming pool and cleaning it continuously, if the real estate has a swimming pool, or having a gate keeper to protect the property, so it is important to use this money in maintenance all the property in general.

Where are real estate yields imposed
Often, these yields do not impose on simple real estate units, or individual real estate where every one is responsible for providing special maintenance for his property, but real estate yields are imposed for luxury real estate like real estates in Istanbul and Ankara, and the owners of real estate units want to preserve the beauty side and develop the real estate units, so they have to impose real estate yields.

Who is in charge of providing maintenance for the property?
There are special companies specialized in maintenance the utilities of the property, the residential complex agree with one of these companies, and the company provides the services continuously for the property like security, cleaning, maintenance, and developing utilities services for the property.

Eventually, this thing will not a burden on you, but it will maintain you property and keep it safe and this what will increase investment profits for the property.

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